OptiShop (Mets)

CI Systems offers a cost effective and modular optical test bench to measure Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) and transmittance of optical components in the Visible, SWIR, MWIR and LWIR spectral ranges.

In addition to the basic MTF and transmittance measurements, other lens parameters such as EFL, BFL/FFL, distortion, and field curvature can be measured.

The OptiShop design enables the user to switch from MTF to transmittance measurements without the need of re-alignment. The OptiShop allows for video and slit scanning MTF test.

Video Capture MTF

Whereas the slit scan method is the traditional way of measuring optical systems’ MTF, now modern digital cameras from visible to far IR spectral ranges allow shorter testing times.  CI’s video capture MTF option allows for real-time measurement of optical components as well as systems. It is used when high throughput test rate is required. CI Systems has a developed diffraction limited, chromatically corrected objective for the SWIR, MWIR and LWIR MTF tests. It enables adequate sampling and low aliasing. OptiShop is designed to be useful as a quality test system for a wide range of FLIR’s and other cameras.

A few of the OPTISHOP advantages with the Video MTF configuration

  • Simultaneous measurement and tangential and sagittal MTF
  • Measurement of a system with a short and negative back focal length
  • Real-time alignment of zoom optics


Model CI Systems “METS”
Focal lenght 70″ (120″ upon request)
Clear aperture 2″ (larger upon request)
Off axis bench
Type Motorized
Angular range ±35º
Spectral range (µm)

0.8-2.2 µm 0.4-0.7
3-5 µm 1.3-2.2
8-12 µm
3-5 µm
8-12 µm
Working Distance

>4.6mm MWIR > -20mm
  LWIR > -7mm
Measurements parameters
MTF measurement accuracy  <2.5%
MTF measurement repeatability <1.5%
Transmission measurement accuracy <2%
Lens under test f/# f/1-for 8 to 12µm; f/1.3-for 3 to 5µm
Lens under test aperture range 1″ to 10″ (and larger)
Lens Measurements FLIR camera measurements
  • MTF test, Through Focus MTF
  • EFL
  • BFL
  • Relative Distortion
  • Astigmatism
  • Depth of Focus
  • Field curvature
  • LOS (Zoom Lenses)
  • Mechanical boreSight
  • Distortion
  • MRTD (objective & Subjective)
  • NETD
  • MTF
  • SiTF
  • Uniformity