Collimators Accessories

The CI-Systems module for Pan/Tilt motion is ideal for mounting a UUT in front of a test system.

The Pan/Tilt Gimbal offers high accuracy, high load and high torque capacity.

Its structure is designed for high stiffness and thermal stability, accurate orthogonal rotation, smooth motion and high stability

  • Portable
  • Easy to operate
  • Rugged construction
  • Tripod mountable
  • Optional: All functions can be computer controlled using CI’s automatic test software
  • Optional ILET models for enviroment chamber


  • Up to 100kg load capacity
  • Customized interface plate


 Standard gimbal 12”
Standard Accuracy
High Accuracy
Maximum Aperture between Yokes [Inch] from 12” to 22”
Accuracy (at ± 5°) [arc-sec] 50 6
Resolution [arc-sec] 10 2
Unidirectional Repeatability (at ± 5°) [arc-sec] 20 4
Maximum Speed [deg/sec] 8
Travel range, azimuth [deg]   ±160°  
Travel range, elevation [deg]   ±45°  
Load capacity [kg] 20
Maximum output torque [nm] 12
Limit switches optical Yes
Origin optical home switch Yes
Optical index on encoder No
Encoder type Optical on motor  Optical on axis