CFT Compact Field Tester

The CFT units are compact, lightweight, self-contained camera test system. They are available for testing in the IR or in the Visible spectral ranges. The CFT units can be used both at a lab or outdoors and are adapted for field conditions.

The CFT-IR models are infrared test systems. The CFT-VIS models are visible camera test systems. They house a lens based (refractive) collimator, energy source (blackbody or visible light source) and one or more targets, all in one compact unit.

  FEATURES for CFT-IR units

  • Portable, compact and lightweight
  •  Four differential temperatures set by the user 
  • Motorized / manual target wheel with five targets Automated calibration traceable to NIST 
  • Ethernet or RS232 communication for temperature and target wheel remote control 
  • Full MRTD testing with a PC interface (optional)

     FEATURES for CFT-VIS units

  • Portable, compact and lightweight 
  • The CFT-VIS models can project a variety of visible targets 
  • Variable visible light sources are available