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Long Range Thermal Security Camera

The FLIR PT-602CZ pan/tilt, multi-sensor security camera delivers thermal imaging from a long-life cooled, midwave thermal detector that delivers a lower cost of ownership and provides excellent long-range perimeter intrusion detection and surveillance. The 14X continuous optical zoom cooled thermal camera provides a wide field of view for improved coverage without compromising range performance and sees two times farther than any uncooled thermal security camera — even in complete darkness, bright sunlight, through dust and haze. Now offering a two-year warranty, including camera replacement, and a 48-hour turnaround time for repaired systems out of warranty, FLIR makes maintenance and service on cooled cameras easier than it has ever been. The PT-602CZ is ONVIF Profile S compatible for easy integration into most third-party systems, and is more compact than previous models, making it a flexible for even the most demanding applications.

Keep a Close Eye on Targets

See smaller details from farther away – 24/7

  • 14X continuous optical zoom cooled thermal camera see 2x further than uncooled systems – human detection at 4-5km
  • Advanced quick thermal autofocus keeps images sharp when zooming
  • 36x continuous optical zoom color visible camera


Crisp Thermal Imaging

Cooled IR detector sensitivity creates the sharpest thermal images

  • Cooled detector images at 640 x 480 resolution
  • Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE) processing for high-contrast images in dynamic thermal scenes


Easy Integration

Integrate into existing networks or as a standalone unit

  • ONVIF Profile S compliant, seamlessly integrates with most 3rd party systems
  • Open IP standards for plug-and-play integration, IP and serial control interfaces
  • IP and analog video outputs – thermal and visible
IR resoluutio (NTSC) 640 x 512
Detektori Jäähdytetty Focal Plane Array
Aallonpituusalue 3 µm – 5 µm
Resoluutio 327,680
Katselukulma / Field of View (FOV) 28° x 21° WFOV
2° x 1.5° NFOV
Optinen Zoom 14x portaaton
Digitaalinen Zoom Portaaton
Tarkennus Automaattinen ja manuaalinen
Kuvankäsittely Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE)


Komposiitti Video NTSC tai PAL
Video Ethernetillä 4 kanavaa suoratoistoon, MPEG-4, H.264, tai M-JPEG
Käyttöliittymät TCP/IP
Pelco D

Kääntöpää (Pan/Tilt)

Sivuttaisliike (Pan) kulma / nopeus Jatkuva 360°; 0.1°…60°/sekunti
Pystysuunta (Tilt) kulma / nopeus +90°… -90°; 0.1°… 30°/sekunti
Ohjelmoitavat esiasetukset 128


Paino ˜18.5kg
Mitat mm (P, L, K) 352 mm x 495 mm x 333 mm
Tulojännite 24 VAC (20-30 VAC)
24 VDC (21-30 VDC)
Virrankulutus 24 VAC: 70 VA (max ilman linssinlämmitintä);
260 VA (max. linssin lämmittimellä)
24 VDC: 60 W (max ilman linssinlämmitintä);
230 W (max. linssin lämmittimellä)


Sensori 1/4″ Exview HAD CCD
Katselukulma (FOV)
57.8° (h) – 1.7° (h)
3.4 mm – 122.4 mm
36× Optinen zoom, 12x digitaalinen zoom
1.6 – 4.5
Resoluutio (NTSC/PAL) 380K/440K
Kuvan stabilointi Elektroninen
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