Superior Accuracy Blackbody


CI Systems’ advanced architecture ControlMaster SR-800N sets a new standard for accuracy and uniformity in extended area blackbodies. Temperature measurement and calibration are both performed in the radiation head itself and then transferred digitally to the controller. The result is accurate, stable, reliable and NIST-traceable. Temperature control is achieved using removable sensors that can easily be replaced by the user in just minutes.

Factory-supplied replacement sensors provide an effective and efficient method for recalibrating the system, for an additional 12 months of service. Alternatively, customers may recalibrate the blackbody with our optional CK-800R calibration kit.


  • Configurable resolution and stability window
  • Ethernet and RS232 communication ports, USB
  • Communication by Serial Adaptor
  • High resolution color display
  • Built-in tests to shorten maintenance time
  • 2″ to 40’’ standard emitters. Other dimensions are available upon request
  • Low acoustical noise
  • Large color LCD display
  • Touch screen user interface
  • Nitrogen inlet for inert atmosphere on all LT models
  • Compact and portable controller
  • 19” rack mount kit included
  • LINUX operating system
  • Ability to control up to four motorized devices (optional)
  • Dual head (optional)