Superior Accuracy Blackbody

SR-800N SE

CI Systems’ advanced architecture ControlMaster SR-800N-SE sets a new standard for accuracy and uniformity in extended area blackbodies. Temperature measurement and calibration are both performed in the radiation head itself and transferred digitally to the controller. The result is a more accurate, stable, flexible and compact system that provides reliable NIST-traceable results.

The SR-800N-SE may be operated as a standalone unit, or integrated into a larger test system.

The spherical dome emitter enables the calibration of imagers with a very wide field of view.

The customization of head geometry allows a broad range of optical apertures andfields of view.

Temperature control is achieved using removable sensors that can easily be replaced by the user in just minutes. Replacing the sensors with factory-supplied sensors is a simple procedure that recalibrates the system for another full year. Users who prefer to perform the calibrations themselvesmay do so with our CK-800R calibration kit.


  • Calibrated radiation heads independent of the controller
  • Removable sensor replacement for quick annual calibration
  • Configurable resolution and stability window
  • Ability to control up to four motorized devices
  • Ethernet and RS232 communication ports
  • USB communication by serial adaptor
  • Large color LCD display
  • Touch screen user interface
  • Compact and portable controller
  • 19″ rack mount kit included
  • Linux operating system
  • LINUX operating system
  • Ability to control up to four motorized devices (optional)
  • Dual head (optional)






Emitter Aperture Diameter, inch4712
Sagital Depth, mm5.216.451.8
Sphere Radius, mm250
Absolute Temperature Range,°C5 to 855 to 855 to 85
Set Point & Readout Resolution,°C0.001
Absolute Temperature Accuracy,°C0.007 @ 0<T<50,
0.015 @ 0>T>50
0.007 @ 0<T<50,
0.015 @ 0>T>50
0.007 @ 0<T<50,
0.015 @ 0>T>50
Stability,°C± 0.003 @ ∆T< ±10± 0.003 @ ∆T< ±10± 0.003 @ ∆T< ±10
Emissivity0.97± 0.020.97± 0.020.97± 0.02
Settling Time, sec303030
Slew Rate (maximum), °C/sec0.220.220.22
Power Consumption, W80010001200
Head Size, mm (H x D x W)161 x 190 x 201338 x 140 x 196 357 x 230 x 415
Head Weight, kg5
Controller dimensions (mm)342 x 310 x 133 mm, 3U height
Controller weight, kg10
Storage Temperature,°C-20 to 70
Operating Voltage 95 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Operating Temperature,°C0 to 50