High Temperature Extended Area Blackbody


The SR-800HT is a high temperature, absolute extended area blackbody IR calibration source, which provides excellence in uniformity, stability, and accuracy, as well as high uniformity. It is an extremely reliable calibration source with the flexibility required for testing a broad range of IR based systems. The exceptional effective emissivity of the HT blackbody is achieved with radiometric correction.


Model No.





Emitter size  4”x4” 8”x8” 12”x12” 35”x35”
Absolute Temp. Range* 50ºC … 600ºC 50ºC … 600ºC 50ºC … 600ºC 50ºC … 250ºC
Set Point & Read Out Resolution 0.1ºC
Temperature accuracy 0.05
Stability ±0.25ºC
Slew Rate (heating) 15ºC/min
Settling time ‹25 min
Emissivity 0.97±0.03
Uniformity 0.006 x T
Head dimensions, mm 220 x 160 x 292   365 x 200 x 400 490 x 225 x 570   1308 x 1300 x 280
Weight 7.2kg  18.4kg 41.8kg 300kg
Controller dimensions 342 x 310 x 133 mm, 19’’ rack mountable (3U)
Computer control Ethernet / RS232 (Opticnal: GPIB)
Operating temperature 0º … 50ºC
Power supply (two options) 230VAC/6A,12.5A OR 115VAC/10A,12.5A 1 ~ (1Phase) 230VAC/18A,20A OR 3 ~ (3Phase) 115/VAC/19A 3 ~ (3Phase) 230/400VAC/16A OR 3 ~ (3Phase) 115/208VAC/32A   3 ~ (3Phase) 230/400VAC/25A OR 3 ~ (3Phase) 115/208VAC/52A

*50°C to 600°C is optional for  4A,8A,12A