CI Systems SR-600 Chopper

A variable frequency radiation modulator, the CI Systems SR-600 is a high performance chopper for many applications, including IR jammer simulation and low-level radiation detection. Designed to be robust and flexible, the SR-600 uses interchangeable blades for various chopping frequency ranges. You can operate the SR-600 as a stand-alone unit or mount it to other CI products, such as the SR-200 cavity blackbodies or the ILET90 collimator.


  • Certified to CE
  • Closed loop control
  • 1 to 20,000Hz chopping frequency
  • TTL reference signal output
  • Built-in test


Frequency range 1 to 20,000 Hz (using interchangeable blades, option: 0.2-0.9Hz)
Frequency readout accuracy 1-10,000Hz; ±0.2Hz 10-20KHz; ±0.5Hz
Display Resolution 1 Hz, digital
Chopper reference signal Square wave, TTL compatible
Computer control Ethernet, GPIB, RS232
Motor Direct current with optical encoder
Type of control Closed loop with optical encoder feedback
Power supply 230/115 VAC, 15 Watt, 50/60 Hz
Blade model Blade Frequency [range -Hz] Stability Maximum Usable Aperture Diameter [mm]
SC – slow chopper (+ C2 blade) 0.2 – 0.9,1-250 0.1%, Min 0.2 Hz 25.4
C-2 1-250 0.1%, Min 0.2 Hz 25.4
C-8 10-1,000 0.1%, Min 0.2 Hz 22.2
  C-16 10-2,000 0.1%, Min 0.2 Hz 9.5
  C-40 10-5,000 0.1%, Min 0.2 Hz 3.2
  C-80 10-10,000 0.1%, Min 0.5 Hz 1.6
  C-160 100-20,000 0.1%, Min 0.5 Hz 0.8