CI Systems SR-600 Chopper

A variable frequency radiation modulator, the CI Systems SR-600 is a high performance chopper for many applications, including IR jammer simulation and low-level radiation detection. Designed to be robust and flexible, the SR-600 uses interchangeable blades for various chopping frequency ranges. You can operate the SR-600 as a stand-alone unit or mount it to other CI products, such as the SR-200 cavity blackbodies or the ILET90 collimator.


  • Certified to CE
  • Closed loop control
  • 1 to 20,000Hz chopping frequency
  • TTL reference signal output
  • Built-in test


Frequency range1 to 20,000 Hz (using interchangeable blades, option: 0.2-0.9Hz)
Frequency readout accuracy1-10,000Hz; ±0.2Hz 10-20KHz; ±0.5Hz
Display Resolution1 Hz, digital
Chopper reference signalSquare wave, TTL compatible
Computer controlEthernet, GPIB, RS232
MotorDirect current with optical encoder
Type of controlClosed loop with optical encoder feedback
Power supply230/115 VAC, 15 Watt, 50/60 Hz
Blade modelBlade Frequency [range -Hz]StabilityMaximum Usable Aperture Diameter [mm]
SC – slow chopper (+ C2 blade)0.2 – 0.9,1-2500.1%, Min 0.2 Hz25.4
C-21-2500.1%, Min 0.2 Hz25.4
C-810-1,0000.1%, Min 0.2 Hz22.2
 C-1610-2,0000.1%, Min 0.2 Hz9.5
 C-4010-5,0000.1%, Min 0.2 Hz3.2
 C-8010-10,0000.1%, Min 0.5 Hz1.6
 C-160100-20,0000.1%, Min 0.5 Hz0.8