Spectral Target Projector

The Spectral Target Projector (STP), by CI Systems, is intended for testing sensors with spectral capabilities. It projects geometrical shapes (pinholes, squares, etc) while controlling the spectral content of the light.The STP allows the user to “jump” between preset wavelengths or scan a specified wavelength range at a user specified rate. The spectral range of STP can be: 0.4 to 2.5 µm, 1.3 to 6.0 µm, 2.5 to 14.2 µm or  1.3 to 14.2 µm. The radiation source is an integrated high-temperature, stable, blackbody source which can be tuned to any temperature in the range 50-1000 degC. The spectral source is integrated into a CI Systems collimator system with aperture sizes ranging from 5″ to 19″ and a broad selection of focal lengths. The standard spectral resolution of the projected signal is 2% of wavelength; higher spectral resolutions are available.

The STP has the following advantages over other types of spectral projectors

  • Very high throughput compared to conventional (grating based) monochromators
  • Fast wavelength tuning
  • Supports large geometrical targets, not limited by small exit slits – a known problem with grating based monochromators
  • Very good out-of-band rejection through broad spectral ranges.
  • Simple and robust – does not require periodical calibrations.